Staying at Park City Hostel


Our Hostel is designed around one large central common area. Our main common area, decorated to make you feel at home, lets you meet people from around the world after your adventures. There is a large kitchen, pool table, coffee and tea bar, book and games library, walk in fridge and plenty of dry food storage.


Park City Hostel is located right in the heart of the Prospector Square, just minutes form Park City Mountain and many of our favorite establishments on Main Street, Like High West Distillery, No-Name Saloon and O-Shucks. A stone’s throw from the hostel you’ll find a dozen awesome cafes, access to hiking trails, ski rentals, bike rentals, locally owned shops and more. Buy some beer or wine in advance and enjoy using our rooftop patio for awesome views of sunset and weekly planned gatherings.  Every Tuesday, join us for our night on the town. Keep an eye out for other things like Hot Tub Club and Hostel field trips. (May cost extra)



Each bed an outlet, privacy curtain, and reading light with everything you’ll need for a comfortable and cozy stay.  Amenities include high quality bedding and linens, warm blankets, plenty of kitchen supplies, coffee, tea and oatmeal, bathroom amenities like all-natural shampoo and soap, off-the-beaten path travel books, maps, Local magazines, local art, and lots of information on what to do around Park City and beyond.




Ample parking is available but parking permits are required, it’s free but may be busy during the day. If the front lot is full, there is another lot around the back. Make sure you ask where to park! We need to be in the center of the lots for overnight parking


Hostel Environment


One of the best features is our ability to make you feel at home. We do our best to keep things warm, clean, comfortable, quiet and fun. You better believe we will be just as excited as you when it snows.


A hostel is a unique place, where many people come together from all walks of life. We are blessed with a culture of true adventure seekers here at the hostel and typically most people are asleep by our 11 PM quiet hours.



Guest Behavior


Guests are requested to conduct themselves appropriately at all times and to comply with Park City Hostel’s policies and/or requests with regard to conduct and respect for the property of the hotel, its employees and guests for their health and safety. Guests are requested not to disrupt the comfort and enjoyment of other guests, the smooth running of Park City Hostel, or cause offence to other guests or members of our staff. We reserve the right to refuse accommodation or services or remove guests and from Park City Hostel if, in our reasonable opinion, we consider this provision to have been breached. Where this is the case, Park City Hostel has no obligation to issue refunds for lost accommodation, other services or any other loss or expense incurred.